Works in Progress

Ruffs and Honours

Natalie is the last heir of the honorable Sanford house, and her father is looking for the perfect match for his wild but caring, fire-hearted daughter. Lucius Sanford hopes a young suitor of his choosing will catch her eye and win her heart. But Natalie has other ideas.

Lord Charles Attwood is a battle worn, experienced, and wealthy nobleman in the country of Movia. While working closely with Lord Sanford in the inner workings of the politics of the country, something much more intriguing catches his eye…and eventually his heart.

While one man is focused on honor and courting the woman who stole his heart, another enjoys his tricks and schemes. Even with war brewing on the Eastern front, King Henry has other interests. His deviance and passion for playing games with the lives of those at court leave the kingdom of Movia vulnerable to attack. In the turmoil of court, can Charles and Natalie maintain their hold on each other and their own house’s respective honours?

The Equinox Prophecy

Luar Connors has two problems: she sometimes sets fire to things without meaning to and the High Warlock of Covent Garden has issued a bounty on her. From a young age, she’s been told to hide her powers, but that makes it hard to defend herself. She flees to the unfamiliar territory of Scotland, hoping a fresh city would mean a fresh, safer start.

Until they find her.

When Luar finds herself at the mercy of demon bounty hunters, Riordan Nathair swoops into the rescue, leaving the demons in ashes. Bewildered by the Witch’s inability to defend herself, he elects to take her into his home – and less willingly, into his heart. As he trains her, he begins to unravel the history of her heritage, uncovering her family’s secrets while trying to protect her from his own. It doesn’t take long to realize that this little Witch is much more than she seems.

The Equinox Prophecy isn’t waiting and the clock is ticking fast. Can Luar learn control her powers, solve the riddles her family left, and hold onto her protector before the world as she knows it is destroyed?