Dancing in the Rain

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ~Anonymous


I thought I’d share with you guys some of the poetry that I’ve written. I don’t usually write poetry, I’m more of a prose person myself, but what the muse says goes, so here it is. Below, are seven poems that I’ve written over the last couple of weeks; I hope you like them!

Nothing feels right
no matter what I do.
I can’t fix any of it,
that’s why I need you,
In the craziest moments
you always seem to know
what I should do.

Red Drops
It didn’t hurt you at all
when I lost control of it.
The bright red drops fall
and make it hard to forget:
it doesn’t matter to you
whatever I say or do.

Have you been crying?
No they’re watery pearls
falling down my cheeks
giving my heart a voice
because I couldn’t speak.

Stars light up the night
and even though we’re far apart
they act as a guiding light
leading me back to your heart.

I’ve been beaten down and broken.
I’ve been spun around and sunken.
But I’ll never be knocked down.
You will never see me drown.

The Artist
is the artist
who realizes
the real world
has no place
for lovers.

On My Own
I don’t want to breathe anymore.
I don’t want to feel my heart break.
I can’t win this endless war.
I have nightmares even when awake.
I want to go back to before
when I could stand up all alone.
I’d pick myself up off the floor
because you left me on my own.